AHIMSA (Non-harming)

While yoga is for everyone, not every class is appropriate for every body.  In order to have the best experience possible, please make sure you are in the appropriate class for your level of experience.  Beginners, please look here for classes appropriate for beginning your practice.

Yoga is not a competitive sport.  It is a practice of awareness.  An exploration of strength and space with an attention to your breath. If you cannot breath fully, come out of a posture. If something hurts, stop.  Yoga should not hurt.  Use your breath to lead you into deeper experiences; not your will.  Lean into and explore discomfort, both physical and emotional.  Above all be gentle and kind - to yourself and your fellow students.

Please note!

Groupon deals are for new students only; if you have practiced with us before you will not be able to redeem your classes.  You have one month to use your classes and kindly make sure you pre-register for class.