On March 16, 2009, MindBodySoul Yoga Studio began in a small, sweet space on 170th Street and Fort Washington when Alyssa Snow opened the doors for a 7am Hatha class.  Our very first class had seven students, and it was the beginning of an amazing adventure. Over the next few months, teachers Stacey Linden, Amy Soucy, Tom Weston, and Ola May joined the schedule.  And so began our journey leading yoga classes for the amazing community of Washington Heights.  Over the next few years, we grew from offering 15 classes per week with five teachers to a new space hosting over 30 classes per week with 15+ teachers, healing services, teacher training, and a lovely boutique.  Our studio hosts a diverse community who come together to practice yoga, socialize and meet new friends, and gain peace in their minds and in their hearts.


Alyssa Snow is the Founder and Owner of MindBodySoul Yoga Studio.  She has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and teaching for over a decade.  Alyssa has studied shamanism, kundalini yoga, hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga and is the lead teacher for MBSY's 200 hour teacher training course. Alyssa loves business (a true numbers geek) and, before opening the studio, had a 12 year career in corporate finance and operations. Alyssa is a mom of three daughters, an author, a teacher, a yogi, a shaman and a spiritual business coach.  You can reach Alyssa via email at alyssa@mindbodysoulyoga.com.

Stacey Linden has been a part of the MBSY team since before the doors opened.  She brought Alyssa a bag of chai tea (her favorite) while the walls were being painted.  Seven years and thousands of yoga hours later, Stacey is one of our most popular teachers, and is on the teaching staff of MBSY's 200 hour Teacher Training program. Stacey is the General Manager for the studio.  She manages the group yoga schedule and the workshop schedule.  She is often Alyssa's right hand, as well as her left.  She is the mom of Eli, and is a total grammar geek who is not-so-secretly obsessed with chocolate. You can reach Stacey by email at stacey@mindbodysoulyoga.com.

Amos Bio Photo.jpg

Amos Wolff has been a valued member of our community for a few years now.  First as a student, then as a workstudy at the front desk and then, a yoga teacher on our schedule.  Amos is such a committed and valuable member of our community that when the position of Community Coordinator opened up, he was the perfect person for it.  Every new student that comes to our studio gets a call from Amos offering help with choosing the right classes and the right teachers for their practice.  Amos embodies the skillful and nurturing vibe of MBSY - he's a natural teacher, a talented actor, and an all-around totally awesome human being. You can reach amos@mindbodysoulyoga.com


Anais Diez-Pielli joined MindBodySoul Yoga as a Front Desk Associate just as the studio was expanding this fall.  We are so grateful that she did, now we don't know what we would do without her at the front desk.  She is the smiling face that greets you when you come into the studio on Monday and Wednesday evenings, as well as all-day Saturday.  Anais keeps all the studio systems running smoothly, and she will laminate just about anything she can get her hands on.  She is a yogini, too, as well as mom to two adorable kids.  You can reach her her anais@mindbodysoulyoga.com.


Liz Livingston had been teaching the Kids Theater class at MindBodySoul Yoga for a year when the studio expanded.  As soon as that happened, so did her role.  Now she wears three hats: she still teaches the kids class, she teaches the 12:00pm Tuesday Hatha class, and she is now also a Front Desk Associate.  Liz and all her Texas charm are there to welcome you on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as Friday day and all-day Sunday.  Liz is our social media guru; she is the queen of fun photos and pithy sayings.  Outside the studio, Liz is an actor and mom to cat Clover Jean.